I am ever so slightly tardy to the party, this awesome bead soup blog party!  But I got here, whew!

My lovely partner Barbara Judy (find her at her blog and on Pinterest) sent me a mother load of beautiful color.  The pieces I made merely scratch the surface.  Here is what she sent me:

So I immediately was drawn to the frog lamp work bead (lower left in the top picture).  The work and colors of this bead were AH-mazing.  Plus I knew anything that I made with it would fascinate my niece.  My family and my brother's often sit together in church, and she usually makes her way down the pew to check out any interesting jewelry I might be wearing.  She always asks if it's something I made, which makes my heart sing.  So naturally I wear jewelry that I know she will love.  This necklace had to be long enough so she could handle the frog bead, plus adding all the fun Czech beads that Barbara included would make for more fun for my sweet niece.

I also gravitated to the sparkly golds in several of the beads, many from Italy.  This group is just made to go together!  The middle bead is hollow, so it's a lot lighter to wear than you would think.

The color of these flower beads is a fav of mine, and since there were a pair of them, a set of earrings they needed to be.

Lastly, I noticed that one of the MANY packets of beads Barbara sent were the exact right color for a enameled copper pendent I made with my friend Sandi.  So excited to get to wear this!

There are many folks making BEAUTIFUL things with their bead soup - go check them out!  You can also see what's on the Pinterest board HERE.

Lori Anderson :: Hostess

Elisabeth Auld <----- me="" o:p="">

The other day I had some time with the torch and my kiln. I decided to play first with making head pins - I love the ones I see other great artists make (like SueBeads) - so thought I'd give it a shot. I have a big bag of millefiori that I used for a couple of the pairs, and then used raku frit on the oblong ones.  The big one is two millefiori squished together.  The hardest part? Making them similarly sized.  I have no idea how to do that - other than making 1,000 head pins and then matching them :-)

Then I played more making hollow beads.  I need a lot more practice! The green one I forgot to put a second hole in - so let's call that a vessel bead instead of a traditional bead :-)

This last weekend I got to take an amazing class with Julie Couch.  My wonderful husband gave me the class as a Christmas gift (perhaps it was all the links I sent him??)

Julie. Is. Amazing.  And an extremely generous teacher.  And somehow she teaches in a way that clicks with me.  The class is all about hollow glass beads, which is my holy grail, the beads I most want to make.  She showed us a technique using stainless steel tubes, a rubber tube attachment, and tongs covered with fireproof material.  The glass was at The Glass Resort in Frederick, Maryland, and Tracey, who manages it, was a wonderful hostess. The set up there was really great:

Here is what I made during class:

And here is what I made on my own at home.  It's always hard to replicate what you learned on your home set up, and I am really happy with how these came out :-)

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